About Us

VisiblePulse was formed by Troy Fuqua to fulfill his desire to create his own business in digital media production and web design.  He has linked up with other web designers and programmers to assist them in designing websites and integrating streaming media for their clients.

Troy's abilities span a large spectrum - from web languages to streaming media;  from animation to video editing; from basic programming to e-commerce.  Refer to the capabilities page for a complete listing of his abilities.

Prior to the formation of VisiblePulse, Troy worked 8 years as an innovation technologist for a cutting-edge technology group.  Working to bring innovative radio and radar technology to market led him to design, build, and program the company's products, growing from 9 people to over 200.  Troy laid the groundwork for the company's information network long before the internet was even cool!  With a knowledge hungry staff of over 200, Troy created a internal web-based multimedia technology training program and produced several video programs to help market the company's products.

His creative talent and pioneering spirit are here to offer you a professional and affordable e-solution.

VisiblePulse is located in Madison, AL USA and concentrates it's client base in the Tennessee Valley region.  Distant clients are accepted as well.


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