Video Production

Nothing really compares to the impact of video.  It is an emulated reality built for broadcast which has altered the world.  If you really want to get your idea across, if you want people to listen, nothing will captivate like good old fashioned video.  As you probably know, however, production and distribution of video is not without significant challenges.  That's where VisiblePulse comes in.

VisiblePulse produces high quality television commercials, corporate videos, instructional videos, streaming audio/video, web casting, and multimedia CD-ROM presentations.  We focus on all-digital video format offering superior resolution, clarity and reproduction with dynamic 4-channel sound.

We enjoy working closely with our clients to develop an effective no-nonsense advertising strategy.  Our productions have the Big Agency look, but yet remain affordable.  Rates for 30 second commercials generally range from $1,500 to $10,000.  Longer productions can cost more, depending on the type of editing involved.

We can also convert your existing video to internet streaming media, and multimedia CD-ROM with an attractive and versatile media control interface.

Production Samples

The following selections are streaming examples of my video work and will open in your media player.  Your internet bandwidth must be greater than the selection's encoded data rate, or the playback will be intermittent.  If your connect rate is low, you may download these selections by right clicking and clicking Save Target As...

Title Description Length Date Bandwidth
Paso Fino Stones River Paso Fino in Murfreesboro, TN horse breeder.  This music video style video represents this middle Tennessee breeder. 2:56 Nov 1999 256K
News (intro) Horizon Elementary School offers extra curricular enrichment classes to its students.  I led a video news production with several 5th grade students.  This selection demonstrates the flashy 30 second news program introduction. 0:31 Fall 1999 300K
News (main) The main contents of the above news program, at a lower bandwidth. 18:58 Fall 1999 82K
A mini-documentary of Washington D.C. from a third-grader's point-of-view.  Shot with a portable digital video camera and later evolved into this production.  The student received and A for her social studies grade. 13:52 Mar 2000 100K
WallScan An engineering documentary of Automated UWB Radar Measurements.  This clip only shows the first 60 seconds. 01:00 Jan 2000 256K
Time Domain is the ultra-wideband technology leader, a technology which allows you to see through walls.  This clip is an excerpt of my production work on this excellent 9 minute technical infomercial. 01:57 Dec 2000 256K
Without Wings The events of September 11, 2001 have placed a tremendous burden of pain on the entire world.  We all deal with this pain by sharing with each other our inner feelings about the world around us.  Shere Spann wrote a song and dedicated it to the Firefighters and other heroes that came to help.  VisiblePulse combined the song with news media from the event into this video.
It was presented to Shere as a gift.
04:02 Nov 2001 30K

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