Web Site Development

VisiblePulse provides services that span web site and content design through site implementation and maintenance.  Our focus is to design and deliver a web site that meets your business objectives.  We specialize in small business sites and pay special attention to both presentation and value.  We can work with your graphic designer or create unique graphics for your site.  If you are new to the internet, we can explain each step of the process and provide suggestions for content and design.  We can provide an ISP and hosting service if required.



  • Attention getting web site tailored to meet your business objectives.
  • e-Commerce solutions
    • Shopping cart / order entry
    • Credit card/Debit card processing
  • e-Reservations solutions
    • Automated booking
  • e-Coupon generation
      (customers print your coupon)
  • e-Mail lists
  • Customer feedback forum
      (drop box)
  • News page
  • Photo gallery
  • Video presentation - (commercials)
  • Logo creation
  • Banner creation


  • HTML programming

    • Complex navigation structures

    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • Client-side scripting (JavaScript)

    • Mouseover effects

    • Form input validation

    • Searches

    • Dynamic HTML

  • Server-side scripting (Active Server Pages)

    • Customized mail handlers

    • Form processing

    • Site search

    • Database - MS Access 2000

  • Streaming media (and Production)

    • Video

    • Audio

    • Windows Media

    • Real

    • Quicktime

  • Animated graphics

    • Flash programming

    • Animated GIF images

  • Static graphics

    • Hi-res photography (4.3megapixel)

    • Image scanning

    • Photo editing

    • Red-eye removal


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