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Internet Marketing Techniques

VisiblePulse will work with you to make your web site search engine savy, but marketing doesn't end there. It actually starts there. We have listed below techniques and tools you can use to market your site. VisiblePulse cannot do these things for you, as our main focus is digital image development, but we can put you in the right direction.

Search Engine Optimization
Create good meta tags (keywords, title, description, classification, revisited-after, robots, etc.), comment tags and alt tags and titles, and submit to search engines. Since the search engines are constantly changing, we cannot guarantee high ranking. Due to search engine congestion, experts are now saying that companies should not depend entirely on search engines and should focus more on other marketing methods, as shown below, to advertise and promote their site.

Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal Links
Add reciprocal links that complement your site. Get other sites to add non-reciprocal links to your site. Find out what sites are linking to your competitors and consider getting linked to these sites as well.

Email Signatures
Use signatures for promoting your site. Every email you send out should serve as a business card for your site.

Newsgroups and Discussion Groups (forums)
Go to newsgroups and forums and post informative responses that pertain to what you sell.  Make sure your posting contains a signature.

Press Releases
Consider sending out a press release to the media via the News Bureau.

Ezine or Newsletter
Create an electronic magazine or newsletter that contains information about your products and are educational.  Send it out every month or so.  Allow people to join the list via your site.

Opt-In Email Lists
Place ads within Opt-in email lists.  This is a cheap form of target marketing.

Create webcards of your site and send them in a mass mailing.

Announcement by Visitors
Make it easy for your visitors to send your site to their friends.

Allow visitors to easily bookmark your site. Just takes a little code.

Add a forum to your site where visitors can ask questions and get free advice.

Print URL address on everything!
Print your web site address and email on ALL printed material.

Buy Rankings
GoTo.com lets you pay to have your site show up high in the search engine results under any keywords you wish. Cost: 5 cents (+) for each visit you get from the site.

Have promotionals and freebies available on your website.

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