Web Site Development

Web sites have become a necessary and expected part of today's business.  Many customers and potential customers use the internet to find companies, evaluate and order their products and services.  Web design is more than just some code, a couple lines of text and a few pretty pictures. To be truly effective, web design takes a working balance of creativity and technical knowledge; an understanding of the Internet environment; and a keen awareness of user expectations.

Concept to Design

VisiblePulse works with it's clients to ensure that their Internet marketing goals are defined and implemented on their web site.  We take the time to understand what our clients want to achieve.  Once we determine their underlying purpose, designated audience, and objectives for their web site, web design begins.

Making the Right Impression

Your web site is often the first, and sometimes the only impression an Internet user has of your company.  VisiblePulse is focused on developing a site that not only conveys the right image, but also entices visitors to learn more about your company and it's products and services.

Creating the Perfect Site

VisiblePulse helps you create a web site that entices visitors to learn more about your company and it's products and services.  We work to make sure that your users won't be frustrated and confused by implementing a site that is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and responds quickly.


Even though many visitors may find you through search engines and directories, it would be a mistake to stop marketing there.  Experts are now saying that it may take 2-6 months to show up on search engine radar.  Thus, they are now recommending that companies should focus more on other marketing methods to advertise and promote their site.

Step 1: Web Site Conceptualization

VisiblePulse will work with you to build a site tailored to your needs.  Information, including content and existing logos or design elements is collected and discussed.  A preliminary design and architecture is created.  The business objective and the presentation are validated.  A prototype web site is deployed, followed by your fine tuning recommendations, with the final product fully developed and installed on the selected host's web server.

Client goals and objectives
Statement of purpose (who, what, why)
Determining audience
Brainstorming content
Site organization and planning (flowchart)
Page elements and layout (logo, company image)

After meeting to discuss the concepts, We will prepare a cost estimate for the work.

Step 2: Web Site Set-Up and Design

After conceptual design is complete, it's time to setup the web site and begin design.

If you don't already have an Internet Host Provider, we will find one that will satisfy your needs. 

From the information you provided, we will design the structure and layout of the site.  High-quality digital photographs of your business, products, and other elements that you wish to include on your web site will be taken. Video footage of your business will be recorded for inclusion into your site as streaming media or flash movies. We will work with you to ensure that the finished product satisfies the objectives of your site.  Once approved, your site will be launched and available for public view.


Step 3: Search Engine Submission and Marketing

After public launch, then it's off to the search engines!  We will register your site to Yahoo, Excite, Alta-Vista, Hotbot, Northern Light, Google, AOL Net Find, Lycos, Infoseek, About, and other directories.  Your business web site may also be listed in local business directories in your market area.


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